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Privacy Policy

This is the MyGuyd Privacy Policy. It includes important information regarding the use of your data, as the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information of Users. By accessing or using the MyGuyd platform, you accept this Privacy Policy and agree on its contents. Please read the following content carefully.

Last Updated: June 28, 2018

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This Privacy Policy exists in accordance to the Terms of Service and uses the same definitions.

1. Collection And Use of Information

 While using our Site, we may ask you to provide us with certain personal information that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information may include, but is not limited to your name (“Personal Information”).

MyGuyd collects data of three different User types: Non registered Customers (I), registered Customers (II) and Guides (III).

1.1 Non registered Customers will be asked to provide personal information in order to fulfil any booking. This may include, but is not limited to the first name, last name, address, date of birth and email address. While using the Payment Services, Users might therefore need to provide certain financial information, such as credit card details or bank account information. Like this payments can be processed and all applicable laws and regulations are being met.

1.2 Additional to any required information described in 1.1, Registered Customers will be asked to provide certain information, which is needed for creating their accounts. This may include, but is not limited to the first name, last name, date of birth and email address. We may collect some further data in order to create coherent User accounts. This may include, but is not limited to a profile photo and a profile description. 

1.3 Additional to any required information described in 1.2. Guides are being asked to provide more information, in order to create and publish any Listings. This includes name, description and photos of the tour. In order to sign up, Guides may be asked to provide an actual telephone number for communication reasons.

1.4 All communication with Users and MyGuyd is being collected.

1.5 All registered Users and Guides have the possibility to voluntarily provide any further information to complete their MyGuyd profile. Some of this information will be publically visible to others. Further information will be collected when Users fill in forms, take part in surveys, conduct searches, post to forums, take part in promotions or use further functionalities of MyGuyd.

1.6 MyGuyd might offer Identity Verification. This process may require the collection of specific data, such as copies of an actual national ID, driving license or passport.

2. Log Data and further automatically collected data

2.1 Browsers collect certain information, when you use the MyGuyd Platform. This “Log Data” may include the IP address of the User, the browser and its version, the specific sites you have visited and more information regarding your visiting habits and statistics. 

2.2 MyGuyd might take advantage of other third party services (e.g. Google Analytics) in order to analyse further data.

2.3 MyGuyd might collect further data about the exact or approximate location of the User. This might be done through the IP address or the device´s GPS functions.

2.4 MyGuyd might use Cookies or similar technologies in order to track the User´s activity and enable a better Usability.

2.5 MyGuyd collects further information regarding the payments, such as the chosen payment method, the exact date and time of the payment, the paid amount, and further relevant data regarding payments.

3. Third Party Information

3.1 Third parties might provide certrain information about you, when you use the MyGuyd Platform. MyGuyd has no control of the data collecting processes of these third parties.

3.2 Guides might be reviewed by other Users. These references may be published on different sites on the Website.

3.3 Any link to Third Parties, such as the login or register function via Social Networks (such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or others) will cause the automatic provision of personal registration and/or profile information by the chosen service. This variable information is managed by the third party and may be authorised by you through the privacy settings at that service.

3.4 Any Third Party will have their own specific rules about data collection and privacy policies. We recommend to study these policies on the relevant websites.

3.5 MyGuyd uses the services of Google Maps/Earth, including the relevant API(s). These services are subject to  Google Maps/Earth Additional Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

4. Why we collect the data

4.1 MyGuyd wants to create a smooth and safe User experience. Therefore we collect your data and information to handle your registration and login. Like this we will have an overview over all accounts and provide custom Support. We might use your information for you to facilitate certain processes or to send you individual recommendations.

4.2 MyGuyd wants to build a safe platform. Therefore certain information will be used to verify your account or authenticate your given information. This will help to reinforce the Terms of Service and to create a trusted environment.

4.3 In some cases MyGuyd might use your information for certain Marketing activities.
5. Disclosure and Sharing of your data
5.1 You agree on the disclosure and sharing of relevant data or personal information through your consent, when you use or access your profile on MyGuyd through Third Parties or when you participate in certain Marketing activities of MyGuyd or any Third Parties, that actively ask for your consent. 
5.2 In order to execute and faciliate bookings and reservations, MyGuyd will use necessary information of the Users in order to create a fair and transparent booking process for all Users and Guides.
5.2.1 Non registered and registered customers agree on sharing necessary information to the guide of the booked tour, such as the full name and any further given personal details. 
5.2.2 Guides agree on sharing all necessary information to the customers of the booked tour, such as the full name and any further given personal details and relevant information about their tour. 
5.2.3 No billing or payment information is being shared with any other User.

6. Legal Compliance

MyGuyd will comply to its legal obligations. In some cases it might be therefore necessary to disclose certain personal information to courts, authorities or law enforcement. We respect all privacy rights of Users and therefore MyGuyd will never disclose any data without the need of responding to official requests by government authorities or law enforcement, the possibility of preventing harm and the need of Protecting our own Rights.

7. Updating this Privacy Policy

MyGuyd may update this Privacy Policy on a non regular basis. We will inform all users about these changes and include the date of the Update at the top of this Privacy Policy. If you agree with the updated Policy, there is nothing more to do. If you disagree, you have the possibility to delete your profile and cancel your account. 

8. Questions and Contact

If any questions arise regarding this Privacy Policy or any other MyGuyd Services, please make use of the existing ways of contact.


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