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1. Before submitting a tour

We´re good people

MyGuyd is here to create a new and fair world of tourism and you are a part of our mission. We expect tourists to treat you in a fair manner, but we also expect you to treat them in the same way. Customer is queen & king so let´s give them an experience they will never forget. Don´t promise what you can´t hold, don´t exaggerate in your description, be authentic, honest and simply tell the truth. These characters will make you a fantastic Guyd and surely your ratings will pay back your honesty.

Plan ahead, collect information & take photos

Tourists want to experience places. Make sure they won´t leave without this experience. Before you submit your tour, think about what you want to tell them. What interesting information can you gather, that they wouldn´t ever receive without you? Take some nice photos, so you can add promising pictures when you submit your tour.

Is your tour unique or do other Guyds offer it already?

Before you plan your tour, have a look at the existing offers in your city and region. Of course, you might just offer the same sight, just make sure you don´t copy anything. Be creative and find extras and unique characteristics.

You have full control over your calendar

When you submit your tour, you will decide on your personal tour times. We recommend that you define precise time slots on your free days. Be flexible, but make sure that you are able to give the tour during these slots. After submission you´ll find a calendar in your profile, so you can always change your availabilities. So no worries, you can plan your next vacations!

Give your friends and family a Demo Tour

Are you ready? Invite a few people for a free tour to test your ideas and to see if your timing is right. Let them give you some feedback. Afterwards you´ll feel much more confident when showing some strangers around.

2. On the Day of your tour

Be on time

Being early is your key to a great tour. Be at your meeting point 15 minutes before your tour actually starts. This makes you probably the first and you have enough time to think about your tour and to welcome your customers.

Have all tickets and other preparations ready

Do you have everything you need? Create a checking list and better look twice if you have all necessary things, like tickets, snacks and whatever else you planned to include in your tour.

Bring change

As you know, MyGuyd collects 20% of each tour price as a booking confirmation. The rest of the tour price will be paid directly to you in cash. Don´t expect your tourists to bring the perfect amount. So be prepared to give them change if needed.

3. At your tour

Know your stuff

Don´t assume you will remember all interesting details at once. Make sure you have a plan B with some notets. So your customers can actually learn new, exciting and interesting facts and stories thanks to your tour.

Make sure your customers are happy

Be attentive! Do your tourists feel well? Do they want to know any additional information? Do they need a brake or do they have other wishes? Communicate and make sure they feel well. Sweets, little surprises and jokes will probably be a great way to keep a fantastic mood in your group.

Don´t forget to collect the money

It´s up to you, when you want to collect your money. Ask in a charismatic way just before you start or at the end of your tour and keep notes about the payments. Don´t forget, that MyGuyd will keep 20% of the tour price in advance.

4. After your tour

Ask for a rating

Your rating plays an important part in the booking process. Make sure your customers don´t forget to write you a nice review with all possible stars.

Give a small souvenir

Who doesn´t like a surprise? A postcard, sweets or any other typical souvenir will be highly appreciated. So be creative and make your clients never forget you.

Tell your customers to reccommend the tour to their friends

After the tour is before your next tour. If they liked your tour, your tourists will be likely to reccommend you to others. So why don´t you just ask nicely for it?

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