Thinking about becoming a Guyd?

Learn more about what you can earn, how MyGuyd works and what you need to do in order to offer your own tour. 

You would like to offer your own tour?

What is your idea of the perfect tour? You want the guide to take care of you. You want him or her to keep the promises given beforehand. You want a special experience. You want something personal. You want the guide to be your guy! 

Now it is your turn to give others a special experience.

Are you ready to be a Guyd?

How does it work?

On MyGuyd everyone can offer a tour. You, me, your neighbour, grandmother or anyone who feels like showing some tourist folk around and earning some money with it. Sign up, verify your account and create your tour. The better your tour, the better your rating, the more customers you can serve.

Earn Money

You set the price, MyGuyd keeps 20% as a commission. It is even possible,that this rate will reduce to 15 or 10%. Try to offer a competitive rate, so more tourists will consider booking with you.



Ruben is a student, 22 years old and knows London´s Street Art scene better than anyone else. Ruben decides to offer a 2h walking tour on MyGuyd. His price per person is  10 pounds, a competitive price. Thanks to the good price, five persons book a tour with Ruben. They discover backyards, rooftops and places that not even London´s locals have ever seen. And Ruben earns in two hours 40 pounds. Luckily, Ruben received a fantastic rating for his tour. The next day 10 people book a tour with Ruben and his earnings double. 

Ruben from London

Street Art Fan

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