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What is MyGuyd?

Fair, Transparent, Authentic & Personal!

MyGuyd is the future of travel. Find independent local guides online for your next tour. Pay the local price and get an alternative to mainstream tourism. Compare offers, prices and their ratings and pick your tour.

How does it work?

On MyGuyd everyone can offer a tour. You, me, your neighbour, grandmother or anyone who feels liks showing some tourist folk around. Sign up, verify your account and create your own tour.

A better travel experience!

Such a system offers several advantages for tourists.


Forget the Mainstream

MyGuyd tours are offered by local guides, independent from travel agencies or hotels. Thus, they have full control over their individual tours. They can show you their personal local secrets. At most times, you will have the guide for yourself or share it with just a small group.

Fair Travels

You want to get to know the world and with MyGuyd you can do it with all respect to the locals. While you pay a competitive local price, your guide keeps the big part of the cake. No big agencies are involved, so you know, that the money stays with the guide. If you are happy, think about leaving a nice rating for the tour.

No More Tourist Traps

Get, what you pay for! You get to know your guide in advance through a public profile. Every tour has a detailed description of time, route and further information. Have a look at the ratings, to see, what other tourists thought about the tour and the guide.

Book before arrival

Relax! You book a tour within a minute from wherever you are. You have access to all information and you will always pay the same price. No need, to arrive to a place in order to book a tour.

How did it start?

The MyGuyd idea was born in 2015 in Vietnam, when three friends from Germany were on a tour in the Mekong Delta. Their amazing and friendly guide had no possibility to change the tour or its itinerary.  From the comparable high price the three friends payed the guide just kept a minor part and had to pay the boat driver from his share. It felt like a pure hotel rip off.

It is time for giving fair tourism a platform.
It is time for MyGuyd!

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